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Did you know that our clinic has everything you need for a cardiac examination? 💗

Our clinic’s founder, veterinary surgeon Maria Daubaraite, has a narrow special interest in veterinary medicine, with a focus on intensive care, cardiology and surgery. As a result of his passion, the Animal Clinic of the Heartland now also has an echocardiography unit, which allows all patients’ heart problems to be solved more quickly.This week, DVM […]


We would like to share a successful treatment story.đŸš©This is 15-year-old York, who was diagnosed with pyometra, a type of stomach cancer. In addition, the dog had severe anaemia and inflammation. The dog needed an urgent blood transfusion and proper stabilisation treatment.There was plenty to think about and risks to consider, but there was nothing […]

Distribution and incidence of leptospirosis cases

đŸŒ± With the disappearance of the snow, the spread of leptospirosis and cases of the disease have once again become more topical. Leptospirosis is an infectious bacterial disease caused by a bacterium called leptospira, which can affect both humans and pets.🐁 For pets, leptospirosis can be very dangerous and cause serious health problems, including kidney […]

The cryptorhism of cats!

Today, Franz, a lovely cat, had an operation at the animal clinic in the city centre. The cat was diagnosed with unilateral cryptorchidism.Franz’s right testicle had not descended into the scrotum, but was located in the abdominal cavity.Sometimes, retrieving a hidden egg can be quite difficult.Our operation with Franz was a success! If you know […]

It also happens to the vet’s dog!

He is a German Shepherd, Ramiro, who is a brave cat by nature! A disagreement arose with the horse and he was hit on the right side of the lower leg area. At the animal clinic in the south of the city, a fracture of the mandible was diagnosed, as well as a fracture of […]


Humans sweat to cool themselves, but dogs and cats don’t because they don’t have sweat glands in their skin. Cooling themselves is much more difficult. They regulate body temperature through the respiratory system.Heatstroke is more common in overweight animals and animals with heart disease. Symptoms of heatstroke include: shortness of breath, hyperthermia, apathy, sluggishness, loss […]

Activities to support animal recovery

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesdays we will start activities to support the recovery of animals at the South City Animal Clinic. Acupuncture is suitable for both restorative and preventive therapy. In addition, therapeutic assays and chiropractic treatment can be carried out. The procedures are performed by Jaanus NĂ”gene, who has over 7 […]

Animal Clinic of the South is happy!

We have upgraded our techniques to diagnose and treat your animals in the best possible way. We’ve made sure that you can stay with your pet during diagnostics and treatment (except during surgery or more complex procedures).